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Unclog Your Gutters To Avoid Water Damage

Unclog Your Gutters to Avoid Water Damage

As the Fall season of 2020 fast approaches, new homeowners may need the ever-important reminder to keep gutters clean and unclogged.

It is a pain to do, and potentially dangerous. If you are uncomfortable on a ladder and removing debris from gutters yourself, it may be a good idea to reach out to a handy friend or to look up a local service.

However, if you don’t stay on top of this essential Fall season task, you could end up needing a water damage restoration service as well, as clogged gutters can cause all sorts of water-related problems for your house.

Types of Water Damage Caused by Clogged Gutters

Gutter Overflow and Spills

This is the most obvious result of a clogged gutter. Dirt, leaves, and other debris in the gutter leaves rainwater nowhere to go. The gutter overflows and water spills down the sides of your house all the way down to its foundation.

This can cause water stains on the siding of your house, lead to pools of water alongside windows and doors that can be damaging, and even leak all the way down to your basement.

The purpose of a gutter system is to route water away from the property. A clogged gutter will do the exact opposite, causing water damage that can quickly lead to mold growth as well.

Roof Leaking

While water will continue to leak over the sides of a clogged gutter, there is also the issue of water that sits in the gutter with nowhere to go.

Unable to drain itself, the water in a clogged gutter may also seep into the roof of the house and cause leaks from the ceiling.

A ceiling leak is a huge deal that leads to major headaches such as mold if water restoration is not applied to the affected area immediately.

Avoid situations of water damage or mold altogether and keep those gutters clear!

Water Damage to Your Lawn

Pools of water are a landscaper’s nightmare, destroying grass and gardens and in the case of homeowners, even seeping into the foundation of the house itself.

If you notice pools of water on the sides of your house after heavy rain, it could be a sign that water is spilling out of a clogged gutter system.

Gutter Collapse

Water that sits in a clogged gutter becomes extremely heavy. A gutter is not designed for that kind of weight since it is expected that water will drain away.

What can occur is the sitting water will cause the gutter system to collapse, causing significant structural damage to your property.

Dealing with Water Damage in Dallas and Garland, TX

ServiceMaster of North Texas hopes none of the above cases of water damage from a clogged gutter occurs for homeowners.

At the same time, we want to let you know that we will always be available if a water damage emergency does occur on your property.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides water damage restoration for residents and business owners throughout Dallas, TX and Garland, TX, as well as nearby areas. We are available 24/7 to respond to water damage emergencies because we understand how important it is to mitigate the damage quickly.

Call ServiceMaster of North Texas at (972) 840-8888 for water restoration services.