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Residential Cleaning Company in Dallas and Garland, TX

Serving the Dallas and Garland, TX area since 1978

While some homeowners may not mind coming home to a messier living space, others become particularly stressed if their building materials and personal items aren’t dusted on a regular basis. But if they could see the amount of dirt and debris tracked in from foot traffic on a daily basis, they wouldn’t think twice about calling a professional.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides professional residential cleaning services in the Dallas and Garland, TX area. Our technicians understand the need to have a clean and comfortable living environment, but this isn’t always possible with pets, children, and a full-time job. So that is why we are here to take care of the dirty work for you.

Residential Upholstery Cleaning in Dallas

Whether you need ongoing cleaning appointments to maintain an organized setting or a one-time deep cleaning, our technicians can surely get the job done for you.

Some of the benefits within our residential cleaning services include:

  • There are no hidden charges with ServiceMaster of North Texas
  • Professionally trained technicians
  • Fully insured
  • Locally owned and operated – part of a 50 year tradition of service excellence in homes worldwide
  • Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate

Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaning

While it often goes unnoticed, the condition of the home’s flooring can say a lot about the overall look and feel of the room. Whether you have hard flooring, such as wood, tile, or linoleum, or carpeting, embedded dirt and debris can accelerate the deterioration process. While some floorings will be easier to maintain than others, keeping them clean and free of dirt and stains is essential to their lifespan.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides both carpet and hard surface floor cleaning services to remove all tough stains and embedded dirt in Dallas and Garland, TX. Using specific products and techniques for different flooring materials, our technicians are each experienced to return all types of flooring to their original condition. Whether using the hot water extraction method for carpet fibers or pressure washing for tile and grout floors, you can expect a significant difference after our cleaning services.

Our carpet and hard floor cleaning services provide all of the following benefits:<

  • Extended lifespan
  • Improved appearance
  • Removal of dirt, debris, and stains

Upholstery Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction MethodCarpet-Cleaning-ServiceMaster-of-North-Texas

Throughout the years, ServiceMaster of North Texas has perfected a unique cleaning technique that has left all customers satisfied with the results. Known as the hot water extraction method, it is designed to seep deep within fabric fibers while loosening and removing embedded soil at the base. It has proven to be both efficient and effective as it leaves both carpets and furniture looking their best.

Within this method, a cleaning wand is used to apply a solution of warm water mixed with an eco-friendly sanitizer within the fibers of the furnishing. After loosening the debris below, the wand extracts the dirty water out of the carpet or furniture and back into a truck-mounted tank. This process is repeated throughout the entire area, fully removing everything within the material that wasn’t supposed to be. The furnishing will then only need 24 hours of drying time and it’s good to go for the next few years.

General Home Cleaning

Some homeowners have the time, patience, and products to clean their entire home. But others are in a different situation, like working late hours, cooking dinner for kids, running errands – there simply isn’t enough time in the day. While the list goes on, ServiceMaster of North Texas understands the stress and frustration involved, which is why our residential cleaning services can take care of what was pushed back right away.

Our general residential cleaning services include all of the following:

  • Organizing personal items
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Removing trash

Not everyone likes to come home to a messy house, especially after a long day at work. But our professionals are here to help so you can cross this chore off your to-do list. You can also focus on spending more time with your friends and family in a clean and comfortable living environment.

For more information or to request a free quote for our residential cleaning services in the Dallas and Garland, TX area, call ServiceMaster of North Texas at (972) 840-8888.

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