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Sewage Cleanup in Richardson, TX

Serving the Richardson, TX area since 1978

Nothing can ruin a good day like finding a sewage backup. Especially when finding that it has spread throughout multiple floors can mean significant damage. But despite how far it has spread already, it is crucial to not start the cleanup yourself. Instead, get professional disaster restoration experts on the scene.

Call ServiceMaster of North Texas if you live or work in the Richardson, TX area for professional sewage backup services. Our water damage restoration technicians are not only licensed and certified but use commercial cleaning agents and personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform safe sewage removal.

Property Damages Caused by Sewage BackupsSewage-Cleanup-Richardson-TX

When sewage wastewater affects a property structure, it spreads much faster than regular water. Due to the amount of biohazards and bacteria, it disintegrates porous materials like hardwood, drywall, and particleboard much faster.

In addition, the negative health effects caused by these bacteria and pathogens include E. Coli, Hepatitis, and a number of other viruses. At any point the water comes into contact with you or anyone else on the Richardson, TX property, consult with a family doctor right away.

Sewage Cleanup Process

The sewage cleanup process by ServiceMaster of North Texas includes all of the following:

  • Emergency Response: We are available 24 hours of the day to handle all sewage backup emergencies in Richardson, TX. We understand the health risks and spread of damage involved, which is why we ensure to respond immediately.
  • Use of Professional Equipment: Our licensed and trained technicians use personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as water extraction equipment to remove all excess wastewater both safely and efficiently.
  • Controlled Demolition: All soiled porous materials, including wood and linoleum flooring and drywall will be removed and replacements will be installed after the cleaning.
  • Decontamination: After removing the water, we will proceed to applying powerful cleaners to disinfect the area, eliminating all bacteria and pathogens.
  • Mold Remediation: If any mold growth is detected or found in the affected area, we can also take care of the remediation process.
  • Odor Removal: After the deep cleaning, we will remove any lingering odors from the sewage water with powerful hydroxyl equipment.
  • Working with Insurance: To allow for additional peace of mind, we will work with your insurance company during the claims process.

Nothing can be more annoying than to find a sewage backup on your property in Richardson, TX. But regardless of how far it has spread, it is extremely important to leave the cleanup job to the professionals of ServiceMaster of North Texas. We have all the training, equipment, and cleaning agents to remove all byproducts and safely restore the affected area.

Don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster of North Texas for 24/7 professional sewage cleanup services in the Richardson, TX area at (972) 840-8888. We work with insurance companies.

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