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Healthcare Cleaning Services in Richardson, TX

Serving the Richardson, TX area since 1978.

The top priority of healthcare professionals is patient satisfaction which involves providing the best care possible and ensuring a clean and sterile environment in your facility.  The condition of a healthcare facility impacts patient satisfaction which is why you must hire a cleaning professional that understands how to properly clean and sanitize various healthcare facilities. Healthcare Cleaning in Richardson, TX

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides professional healthcare cleaning services in Richardson, TX to clean and disinfect a range of different healthcare facilities and medical offices.  We train our technicians through our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program (PCCP) to make sure our healthcare cleaning services are in compliance with JCAHO, HIPAA, and CDC regulatory standards.

PCCP Training

Our PCCP training prepares our technicians to handle complete cleaning and disinfection services in any type of healthcare facility with patient satisfaction in mind.  You can trust our technicians to thoroughly clean physician offices, dentist offices, urgent care centers, surgery centers, and medical clinics among others.  We will create a specific cleaning plan for your facility with an emphasis on infection control to keep your patients and employees safe from cross contamination.

Our hospital-grade cleaning products and disinfectants are EPA-registered and we use vacuum equipment and surface wipes to remove all debris and ensure a sterile environment.  We guarantee that your facility will comply with the standards of APIC, OSHA, AORN, and the CDC after we have finished with our cleaning services.

Healthcare Cleaning Services for Richardson, TX

The healthcare cleaning services we provide cover the following areas:

  • Exam Rooms: We will clean and disinfect every surface of an exam room, including the floors, to eliminate germs and avoid cross contamination.
  • Nurse Stations: Nurse stations are portable which makes them likely to cause cross contamination by spreading germs. We will clean and sanitize nurse stations to prevent this risk.
  • Labs and Ancillary Testing Areas: Labs and testing areas are vulnerable to germ buildup. We can clean and sanitize every surface in these areas to eliminate germs.
  • Patient Waiting Areas: Patients may leave behind germs in the waiting room that can affect others. We can thoroughly disinfect these areas to provide a safe waiting room.
  • Operating Rooms: Operating rooms must be cleaned between each shift for effective infection control. We will clean and sanitize all operating room surfaces and clean pre- and post-operating areas as well.
  • Isolation Room Cleaning: We can safely clean and disinfect isolation rooms that have been exposed to highly infectious diseases.
  • Dialysis Center: We can reduce HAIs and surgical site infections at dialysis centers with our cleaning services.

For over 50 years, ServiceMaster has been a leading provider of healthcare cleaning services and our technicians strive to provide healthcare facilities in Richardson, TX with quality cleaning and disinfection.  Our PCCP trained technicians work with patient satisfaction in mind and know how to effectively clean any type of healthcare facility in compliance with the standards of the industry.

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