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HVAC Cleaning in Richardson, TX

Serving the Richardson, TX area since 1978

ServiceMaster of North Texas is a premier provider of air duct cleaning services in residential and commercial settings throughout the Richardson, TX, area. This stems from our years of experience in the field, which we have translated into our industry-best processes and procedures.

That being said, you may be wondering why air duct and HVAC system cleaning is so important. The primary reasons regard the quality of air within your building, as well as unnecessary costs in your electric bill. Our services address these complications and more.

The Importance of Maintaining Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts, as well as your HVAC system as a whole, are critical to circulating air throughout your building, and regulating temperatures. However, they become lined with various allergens over time, including dirt, dust, pollen, dander, and similar materials, which can vastly reduce your air quality. As your HVAC system pumps air through your ductwork, these nuisances are spread across your entire building. This can result in some of the consequences below:

  • The need to dust more frequently
  • Return and supply registers becoming caked in debris
  • Strange odors wafting from your air ducts
  • Health complications (these can include allergic reactions, respiratory infections, etc.)
  • Higher electricity costs (this is a result of your HVAC system performing at a lower efficiency, which can even lead to fire hazards)

When to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Air Duct Cleaning in Richardson, TXIn general, professionals recommend a professional air duct cleaning at least once every 3 – 5 years; however, in many cases, property owners are unaware of the last time their building’s HVAC system was cleaned. If you notice any of the complications we outlined above, it may be time.

The below factors can affect the frequency in which you need air duct cleaning services:

  • Quantities of dander and loose hair
  • Outdoor weather
  • The size of your air ducts
  • Whether or not smokers are regularly in the building
  • Damage to your ductwork caused by water, smoke, fire, mold, etc.
  • Construction or restoration projects that result in loose dirt and dust
  • The sensitivity to allergens of those in the building

The ServiceMaster of North Texas Approach

Our approach to air duct cleaning is comprehensive and focuses on quality. All of our technicians are specifically trained in overall HVAC system sanitization services. Additionally, we only make use of the best cleaning equipment and solutions in the industry to ensure that we meet our own standards of excellence, and leave your HVAC system in a pristine condition.

When you choose to work with us, you can expect the following:

  • An initial inspection of your entire HVAC system (this includes air ducts, air vents and registers, drip pans, grilles and diffusers, fan motor and housing, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, air handling unit housing, etc.)
  • Complete cleaning of your HVAC system
  • Elimination of loose dirt and debris
  • Reinstallation of components that were removed for cleaning
  • A final inspection of your HVAC system to ensure a quality result

If you have any questions about our air duct cleaning services, or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact our ServiceMaster of North Texas representatives at (972) 840-8888. We proudly service property owners in the Richardson, TX, area.

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