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Commercial Cleaning in Richardson, TX

Serving the Richardson, TX area since 1978.

Having a dirty work environment can be stressful and discouraging for everyone: you, your employees, and your clients or customers. In fact, it can ruin a good day to walk in and find papers everywhere, the floors dirty, and the furniture spotted with stains. But it can all be changed with a simple cleaning job.

Not every business owner has time to clean the office, which is why ServiceMaster of North Texas provides commercial cleaning services in the Richardson, TX area. Our services cover a wide range of commercial buildings, including warehouses, offices, healthcare facilities, and corner stores. Whether you need ongoing services or a one-time cleaning, give us a call and we will provide a free estimate!

Commercial Floor CleaningsCommercial-Cleaning-Richardson-TX

One of the biggest features noticed about a room is the floor. If it’s dirty, customers can get the wrong impression about your business. It can also break the concentration of employees, and they don’t want to work in a dirty environment. So if the carpeting has stains within the fibers or the white floors are no longer white, it’s time for a deep cleaning.

Using advanced products, equipment, and techniques, we give floorings of all types the special treatment. Focusing the most attention on high traffic areas and in between cracks, ServiceMaster of North Texas can restore the flooring to its original condition in less than a few hours.

Each of our technicians has also been trained to use specific products and equipment on these floors, removing accumulated dirt and stains while improving their overall appearance.

Our services cover all types of flooring, including the following:

  • Laminate
  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Area rugs
  • Cement
  • Tile and grout

Hot Water Extraction

After years of cleaning carpeting and restoring them to their original condition, ServiceMaster of North Texas uses a method that guarantees the highest customer satisfaction every time. Known as the hot water extraction method, our technicians use a cleaning wand to apply a solution of sanitizer and warm water deep within the carpet fibers. This loosens the built-up debris and is then extracted out into a holding tank.

This technique does not leave behind any chemical odors or stains and dries within 24 hours. As it has proven to show the best results, the method is also used on upholstery.

While it’s not always easy to maintain a clean office, due to a hectic schedule, there is always another option. A simple cleaning job can provide a number of benefits, including higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and lower employee turnover. Don’t hesitate to call our technicians for a free estimate or to schedule you appointment!

Free Estimate

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides commercial cleaning services in the Richardson, TX area, either for a one-time cleaning or ongoing appointments. We can be reached at (972)840-8888 for more information or a free estimate.

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