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Emergency Board Ups and Tarping Services in Richardson, TX

Serving the Richardson, TX area since 1978

While there are always measures we can take to prepare for natural disasters, mother nature’s effect can overpower any effort towards stopping her. In other words, it’s almost impossible to prevent critical damage to a home or building from a natural disaster. But you should never give up hope when taking action to start the repairs process.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides emergency board up and tarping services in the Richardson, TX area to provide temporary protection and stabilization until the repairs can be made.

Available 24/7 and able to arrive within 2 hours of your first call, our property restoration technicians can have the structure stabilized and all holes covered in a timely manner. Covering everything from opening in the siding from tarping over the roof, you can also count on us to provide all permanent repairs through reconstruction.

Emergency Board Ups

Emergency Board Ups and Tarping Services in Plano, TXWhether the damage was caused by a fire, flood, mold infestation, storm, or even vandals, it can be left in a vulnerable condition that leaves it open for additional damage.

Other risks include rain, wind, and even animals, crawling within the holes and making homes for themselves in the attic or basement. They can even leave behind odors and biohazards that will be sure to contaminate the property if immediate action is not taken.

When calling ServiceMaster of North Texas, our technicians will respond right away to the emergency. Each of our professionals has undergone training as well as have years of experience when it comes to boarding up homes and buildings.

They will arrive within the first 2 hours of your first call with all materials needed to provide emergency stabilization while preventing additional damage.

After the structure has been stabilized, boarded up, and tarped over, we can proceed to the reconstruction process. Essentially, our professionals can take care of all aspects of the repair process.

Our board up and tarping services cover all of the following aspects:

  • Temporary enclosures
  • Tarping over roof
  • Emergency stabilization of interior and exterior structure
  • Boarding over all openings and holes
  • Temporary barricades and fencing
  • Working with insurance

Finding your property in a critical condition after a natural disaster or vandalism can be traumatic. But acting immediately to prevent additional damage will save a lot of money and time during the repairs process.

As soon as you call our professionals, we can have the process started immediately, followed by reconstruction and restoration.

Finally, when all repairs have been completed, we can work with your insurance company during the claims process to simplify matters for you and your loved ones or staff. Don’t hesitate to give us a call during any property damage emergency.

ServiceMaster of North Texas is available 24/7 at (972) 840-8888 in the Richardson, TX area for emergency board up and tarping services.

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