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Content Cleaning and Pack Out Company in Plano, TX

Serving the Plano, TX area since 1978.

No matter what natural disaster your home has gone through, your personal items are not safe. It is very difficult because items that are near and dear to your heart can be seemingly destroyed in a fire, flood, or storm. Sometimes items may seem too damaged for restoration, but really can be fixed through our content cleaning and pack out services in Plano, TX.


It is important that you contact ServiceMaster of North Texas immediately after the disaster because your belongings can become further damaged if you do not seek restoration immediately. We use the best cleaning products in the business and high quality technicians that will treat your items with care.

Content Cleaning and Restoration

Your personal belongings can avoid further damage if you seek a professional restoration service immediately. Once a disaster has struck and you see that your belongings have been damaged, you can call us for help.

If you would like to get head-start in the process before the technicians arrive, you can start separating the damaged items from those that are soiled. We will then try to restore all content on site, but for severely damaged content, we will bring it to our facility.

We will also assist you in speaking with the insurance agents and filing claims. ServiceMaster of North Texas will do everything we can to bring your belongings back to you in perfect condition.

Pack-Out Services

Here at ServiceMaster of North Texas, we are able to provide you with our pack-out services. This service is designed for people who have too damaged of a home for us to clean and restore their content on-site. We will record all damaged content and bring it to our facility to restore on-site. We will give the list of damaged content to your insurance provider as well.

Advanced Equipment and Products

ServiceMaster Content Cleaning and Restoration in Plano, TX

At our facility, we will use our top-of-the-line equipment to restore the damage and attempt to bring back your items as soon as possible. Immediately after the items have been restored, we will deliver them to your front door.

If you and your family have gone through a serious disaster, we are here to help. If your home is in the Plano, TX area, contact us immediately to talk about our content cleaning and pack-out services. Our pack-out services allow the restoration to take place outside your home and to have your belongings delivered at your convenience.

Call us anytime at (972) 840-8888 for disaster restoration in Plano, TX that includes content cleaning and pack-out services.

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