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Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Plano, TX

Serving the Plano, TX area since 1978.

When taking the appearance of your home into consideration, it is very important to maintain a clean carpet. Constant foot traffic in your home leads to wear and tear of your carpet and a buildup of dirt and grime that can leave your home appearing filthy.

ServiceMaster of North Texas wants to make certain that your home is clean for all your guests because a clean home is one of the first steps to impress. We provide complete carpet and upholstery cleaning services for homes and businesses in Plano, TX. With experienced technicians, advanced equipment, and high-quality customer service, we will leave your carpet and upholstery looking brand new.

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services in Plano, TX

When guests come over, the first thing they notice is your carpet which affects their impression of your home. You may believe that vacuuming your carpet is enough to keep your home looking clean, but that is not the case. Constant foot traffic in your living space leaves your carpet dirty and unappealing.

Maintaining Clean Carpets

If you do not have regular carpet cleaning services, the deeply embedded debris will never be removed from the carpet. That it is why you need to have your carpets cleaned regularly with ServiceMaster of North Texas.

We have advanced equipment, experienced technicians, and proven cleaning methods such as the hot water extraction method. The way this method works is by depositing a solution of hot water and detergent into the carpet fibers with a specific cleaning wand. The wand will then remove the solution along with all dirt and debris that has been embedded into the carpet.

The carpet cleaning process is done in one visit and includes the following services:

  • Pre-Treatment: We will spray your carpet to loosen the dirt and debris and pretreat the stains.
  • Hot Water Extraction: Using the hot water extraction method, the appearance of the carpet will be restored and all dirt and debris will be removed.
  • Long-Term Protection: We will apply a stain solution to protect the carpet from future foot traffic and stains.

Residential and Commercial Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery fabric can be on many different furniture pieces in your home. The fabric is hard to keep clean and without regular professional cleaning, the fabric will become discolored and start to deteriorate. The more contact you and your family regularly have with the furniture, the more often you need to seek professional upholstery cleaning services.

To clean upholstery, ServiceMaster of North Texas uses a similar method that is used to clean carpets: the hot water extraction method.

We offer the following with our upholstery cleaning services:

  • Pre-treatment to get rid of spots and stains
  • Hot water extraction to clean upholstery surfaces
  • Polishing of all furniture legs and frames

No matter what condition your carpet or upholstery is in, professional cleaning services will improve their appearance as well as their durability. If you live in or near the Plano, TX area and need carpet or upholstery cleaning services, contact ServiceMaster of North Texas at (972) 840-8888 to schedule your carpet or upholstery cleaning today! We also provide free estimates.

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