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Content Cleaning and Pack Outs in Mesquite, TX

Serving Mesquite, TX areas since 1978

When a natural disaster strikes, the damage caused to homes and buildings can be extensive. Whether it was caused by a flood, fire, mold, or other type of damage, both building materials and contents face additional and even permanent damage. But for contents, they will need specific treatment, due to their variety and different types of materials.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides both content cleaning and pack out services in the Mesquite, TX area. Serving both home and business owners, we understand the need to have certain items restored right away. Precious items, such as jewelry, family heirlooms, expensive electronics, and important documents all contain high value and will be difficult to replace. Our technicians have experience restoring everything from birth certificates to computers, returning them to their previous conditions.

Contents RestorationContent-Cleaning-and-Pack-Outs-ServiceMaster-of-North-Texas-for-Mesquite-TX

As mentioned previously, many personal items of high sentimental or monetary value can be left in critical condition after a natural disaster. Such items that are hard or impossible to replace will require immediate attention as the damage can become permanent over time. But our content cleaning services are tailored specifically for these items, using gentle but effective products to remove soot or carefully drying out excess moisture.

When called right away, ServiceMaster of North Texas can save both time and money to avoid replacing these items. Others, including old jewelry, family heirlooms, and antiques will be almost impossible to replace. But that’s why our technicians are trained and continue to receive ongoing training to use the latest techniques, equipment, and products when restoring your contents. This cleaning process can either take place on-site or at our facility if necessary.

Pack Outs

While the contents restoration process usually occurs on-site, sometimes the condition of the property does not allow the items to be restored properly. In this case, we will carefully pack up your items, create a detailed inventory, and transport them to our facility.

Once they are with us, we will proceed with the restoration process at our climate-controlled storage area. They will then remain in storage with us until the restoration process is completed on your property. When you are ready, the contents will be delivered to your front door.

Our pack out services include all of the following:Content-Cleaning-Pack-Outs-Mesquite-TX

  • Inventory, pack out, and deliver items to our facility for cleaning.
  • A copy of the inventory is provided to you and your insurance agent.
  • Deep cleaning, sanitation, and deodorization of all contents.
  • Store items in our climate-controlled facility until restoration process on home or building is complete.
  • Coordinate return of items to restored property.

In addition to restoration services, ServiceMaster of North Texas provides efficient and effective content cleaning and pack out services. Using commercial cleaning products and equipment, we can have even your most heavily-damaged items returned to their original condition. This can be done either on-site or at our facility.

Don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster of North Texas at (940) 872-8888 in the Mesquite, TX area for emergency content cleaning and pack out services.

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