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Mold Remediation Contractors in Irving, TX

Serving the Irving, TX area since 1978.

The conditions for mold to grow are common throughout buildings across Irving, TX. As a result of mold growth, many property owners are faced with property damage and negative health effects. At ServiceMaster of North Texas, we offer comprehensive mold remediation services to remove mold and restore affected areas.

More on Mold

Mold Remediation Contractors in Irving, TXMold growth is exceptionally common because of the simple conditions necessary for it to grow. The only things needed are a natural food source and excess moisture. When it does begin to grow, it can eat away at structural elements of your building, discolor and destroy belongings, and lead to a number of health complications (such as allergies, respiratory infections, and asthma attacks).

In order to remove mold, specific procedures must be followed so that it does not spread as it is contacted. At ServiceMaster of North Texas, we implement best-practices that have been developed over our years of industry experience to remove mold growth.

Effectively Removing Mold from Your Property

Our ServiceMaster of North Texas technicians make use of professional-grade mold removal methodologies and equipment to eliminate mold from your property. Our process begins with locating all mold growth using state-of-the-art testing technology throughout your building. Once we have identified contaminated areas, we isolate them so that mold spores cannot get released into the air and spread to other areas of your property. We then continue with our customized plan to remove the mold and restore affected areas and belongings. In short, we do the following:

  • Inspect your property for all cases of mold growth
  • Identify areas that may be affected in the future
  • Isolate current mold
  • Develop a complete mold remediation plan based on our findings
  • Remove the mold
  • Restore affected surfaces
  • Inspect your property to ensure that mold does not return in the future

The Dos and Don’ts of Mold Remediation

If you find mold in your building, it is important that you contact our mold removal experts as quickly as you can. A timely response is instrumental in limiting the amount of damage from the mold because it continually spreads. After this, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Call ServiceMaster of North Texas right away from mold removal services in Irving, TX
  • Dry off walls that contain beads of water
  • Turn on dehumidifiers and/or your A/C unit to reduce moisture and encourage airflow
  • Dry off wet items that do not yet contain mold
  • Inspect your HVAC system
  • Wear protection around mold (such as face masks, glasses, and gloves)
  • Do not touch or disturb moldy surfaces
  • Do not attempt to clean moldy surfaces
  • Do not place fans directly in front of moldy surfaces
  • Do not caulk over or paint over any mold

Addressing mold growth on your property is vital to the safety of yourself and anybody else on the premises. To learn more about our mold remediation services, contact our ServiceMaster of North Texas representatives at (972) 840-8888. We provide these services to property owners in Irving, TX, and look forward to working with you soon.

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