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Carpet Cleaning Company in Irving, TX

Serving the Irving, TX area since 1978.

In both residential and commercial settings, the value of maintaining clean and crisp carpeting with property restoration services cannot be understated. This is because of the impression that carpeting can leave on important visitors, as well as the risks of discoloration and deterioration it faces over time.

At ServiceMaster of North Texas, we offer professional-grade carpet cleaning serviCarpet Cleaning Company in Irving, TXces to property owners in Irving, TX, to clean, restore, and increase the longevity of their carpeting.

Residential Carpet Damage

In homes, the fibers of the carpet are typically long and/or thick in order to provide extra cushioning for residents. This can become problematic when dirt, dust, and similar debris begin to work their way in.

Over time, these elements become lodged (out of the reach of standard home vacuums), and lead to discoloration and deterioration. In many cases, home carpeting is also exposed to children, pets, and a high frequency of spills.

Commercial Carpet Damage

In commercial settings, carpeting is typically thinner and firmer than in homes because it is exposed to much higher levels of foot traffic. Additionally, whereas many homeowners take off their shoes when walking on their carpeting, commercial carpets are at the mercy of shoes and the debris that they track in.

This can lead to much quicker rates of damage, which is why professional carpet cleaning should be completed more frequently. When commercial carpeting is in a poor condition, it leaves a negative impression in the minds of customers, clients, business partners, and employees, which can lead to further problems.

Cleaning Your Carpeting

At ServiceMaster of North Texas, we provide effective carpet cleaning services in residential and commercial settings in Irving, TX. Our technicians understand the unique challenges presented by these different environments, and develop a specific approach based on your circumstances. We utilize professional-grade sanitization solutions and equipment to ensure an optimal result.

One method that we employ is designed to remove embedded debris; it is called hot water extraction. Essentially, we use specialized equipment to inject a cleaning solution deep into the fibers of your carpeting to loosen debris, and then suck it all up. This process removes dirt and debris that standard vacuums cannot reach and is simply one of many ways in which we increase the look and longevity of your carpeting.

Hard Floor Cleaning

In addition to our carpet cleaning services, we provide hard floor cleaning services. We do this to breathe new life into your hardwood, vinyl, tile, and similar floors. The end result is a clean floor that will benefit from an extended operational life.

At ServiceMaster of North Texas, we offer our carpet cleaning services on a single-time or recurring basis. Either way, we complete our cleaning and restoration sessions within 24 hours. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact our representatives at (972) 840-8888. We offer our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to property owners in Irving, TX.

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