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Smoke Damage Restoration in Garland, TX

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When a fire occurs in a home or building, the damage is usually extensive.  The flames themselves cause one layer of damage, but the smoke and corrosive byproducts usually cause the most damage because they are still lingering after the fire is put out.

If a quick disaster restoration service isn’t called, excessive smoke will result in soot and oily residue that can cause etching and discoloration to affected surfaces and objects as well as leave behind a foul odor.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides smoke damage restoration services in Garland, TX  to restore building materials and remove odors caused by smoke.  We can clean and restore furnishings and objects affected by soot and smoke residue and ensure that the smoke odor is removed completely.Smoke Restoration in Garland, TX

Damage Caused by the Soot and Smoke

Many Garland, TX property owners may not realize that when a fire is put out, the damage is just beginning.

The heat from a fire triggers chemical reactions that cause synthetic materials to produce an oily smoke residue and the smoke creates soot that continues to settle after the fire, even in areas that the fire left untouched.

Soot and smoke residue is corrosive to common household surfaces and objects and if these materials are not effectively cleaned, the etching and discoloration will become permanent.

Our fire restoration technicians have the expertise and powerful chemical cleaners to completely clean household surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, marble, tile, furniture upholstery, and carpeting affected by soot and corrosive byproducts.

Smoke Odor Mitigation

One of the most obvious problems caused by smoke is the odor.

Smoke odors tend to be strong, unpleasant, and very difficult to remove.  The problem with smoke odor is that it can get absorbed and trapped in a variety of building materials, making it impossible to cover up.

The source of the smoke odor must be removed for effective deodorization.

At ServiceMaster of North Texas, we provide smoke odor mitigation using proven odor removal services and advanced technology including thermal fogging, air scrubbers, and ozone deodorization.

Our smoke odor removal process includes the following steps:ServiceMaster of North Texas Fire and Smoke Damage Cleaning Restoration

  • Odor source removal
  • Treatment of affected surfaces and materials
  • Air space treatment
  • Air washing
  • Porous surface sealing
  • Complete documentation of the process

If your home or business sustains smoke damage either from a fire or from a smaller incident such as a candle or burnt food, make sure you react quickly to clean up the damage.  The furnishings, structural elements, and other items affected by the smoke will become damaged permanently if they are not properly cleaned and restored.

You can reach ServiceMaster of North Texas 24 hours a day at (972) 840-8888 for professional smoke damage restoration in Garland, TX.

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