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Dealing With Carpet And Hard Floor Water Damage

Dealing with Carpet and Hard Floor Water Damage

Modern building materials are quite resilient and are built to withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear. Unfortunately, water is a force of nature and very few things can truly withstand the damage it causes. The best way to limit water damage is to address it as quickly as you can. If you don’t have the time, it’s a good idea to hire a professional water damage cleanup service. Here are some tips from our experts that would help you deal with carpet and hard floor water damage.

How to Restore Hard Floor Water Damage

  • Dry the Hard Floors. If you let water linger for too long, you’ll have to deal with mold. That’s why it’s vital to deal with moisture and excess water immediately after the flood or leakage. After you’ve dealt with the cause of the flood or leakage, pump out any excess water from the floor and wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth.
  • commercial-carpet-cleaningUse a dehumidifier. After all visible traces of water are removed, you should add a dehumidifier to the room and keep the windows and doors open during the daytime. This would expose the floor and room to sunlight and help the room dry faster. If there’s too much water on your property, you should consider hiring a professional flood damage restoration service.

How to Restore Carpet Water Damage

  • Dry the Carpets. To restore carpets from water damage, you need to be patient and diligent. You’ll need high-power drying fans to speed up the process and prevent mold growth. The fans would keep circulating the air in the room and ensure all excess moisture is removed. The drying process would take a few days but it’s important to stay patient and make sure the carpets are completely moisture-free.
  • Steam Cleaning-Storm water can carry pathogens and germs, which would create a very unhealthy environment. Steam cleaning would eliminate all germs and pathogens and remove all odors from carpets and floor boards. You’ll need to replace the carpet padding completely because no amount of cleaning would fully sanitize it. You can also use chlorine bleach to sanitize hard floors and other household surfaces. Make sure to call in a professional for carpet cleaning services if you want to make sure all bacteria and odors are eliminated.

You’ll also need to check your furniture for water damage. If you need help, just give ServiceMaster of North Texas a call at (972) 840-8888 for emergency repairs and water damage clean-up .