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Content Cleaning and Restoration in Carrollton, TX

Serving the Carrollton, TX area since 1978

The biggest problem with natural disasters is that the damage is very difficult to contain and it can become quite pervasive and affect everything in your home, including your personal belongings.  None of your personal content is safe and because much of it is delicate such as clothing, electronics, and other objects, it can become permanently damaged without quick enough restoration.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Carrollton, TX to clean and restore any type of personal items that have been damaged by water, fire, smoke, or mold.  We use advanced cleaning products and equipment to get your content restored and we also provide pack-outs to clean your content at our facility.

Content Cleaning and RestorationContent-Cleaning-Pack-out-Services-in-Carrollton-TX

Your personal content is vulnerable to damage from excess water or moisture, mold, fire, and smoke and it is very possible for your objects to become permanently damaged unless they are restored right away.

Cleaning of Personal Items

After a disaster, you should take notice of your damaged content and have the technicians of ServiceMaster of North Texas clean and restore them to prevent permanent damage.  We can clean and deodorize any type of personal content as part of our restoration services and we can also help you file insurance claims for damaged items.

Cleaning and restoring your content on-site is the first option but if your home is also heavily damaged, we can take your content to our facility with our pack-out services while your home is being restored.

Pack-Out Services

Our pack-out services provide you with an alternative if the condition of your home is too damaged for the content cleaning to take place on-site.  For this service, our technicians will pack each of your damaged items carefully and record them in a detailed inventory list to keep track of every item that is removed.  We will give you and your insurance company a copy of the inventory.

Restoration and StorageServiceMaster-of-North-Texas-Content-Restoration-Carrollton-TX

Your content is then transported to our facility where we can thoroughly clean and restore your items and keep them stored until the work on your home is done.  When you are ready, your content is delivered to your home by our technicians.

If you have experienced a natural disaster in your home in Carrollton, TX that has caused significant damage to your personal content, talk to the technicians of ServiceMaster of North Texas for content cleaning and pack-out services.  We can effectively restore all types of personal items using our advanced cleaning products and equipment and our pack-out services are an excellent alternative to having your content restored in your home.

You can call any time at (972) 840-8888 for disaster restoration in Carrollton, TX 75067 that includes content cleaning and pack-out services.

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