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Protecting Your Home From Water And Storm Damage

Protecting your Home from Water and Storm Damage

The state of Texas has certainly experienced its share of storms this year.  Many types of storms could occur at any time in Texas from tornadoes and hail to hurricanes along the coast.  The Dallas area in particular is no stranger to tornadoes, heavy rain, flooding, hail, and strong winds.  What all of these weather conditions have in common is that they can lead to considerable property damage which will only get worse until the damage can be restored.  These tips will help you recover from water damage and storm damage and get your home back to its previous condition.

Call Insurance Provider

You must call your insurance representative as soon as you can to report the damage.  Make sure to document the damage by taking pictures so the insurance agent can get an accurate assessment.  If you are forced to stay elsewhere due to the damage, save your receipts for related expenses like hotels in case your insurance policy covers the expenses.

Inspect the Pipes

After a major storm, you should inspect all of the pipes in your home inside and out.  If you notice any leaks or damage to the pipes, shut off the water.  There is a possibility that any water damage or flooding from a storm could contain sewage.  If you suspect that there may be sewage in your home, avoid using any sink or toilet and call ServiceMaster of North Texas immediately.

Inspect the Roofclogged-gutters-inspect-roof

Storms that consist of strong wind and hail can cause extensive damage to your roof.  You must inspect your roof after the storm and look for damaged or missing shingles.  You can cover a small area of missing shingles with a plastic garbage bag and large damaged areas can be covered with a tarp.  It is best to have a professional roofer repair significant damage.

Shut Off Power

If the storm or flood damage has affected your electrical appliances, you must shut off the power.  Any water damage to your appliances makes them unsafe to use and they must be serviced and inspected before they can be used again.  You can turn the power back on once your appliances have been deemed safe.

Deal with Water Damage

Water and flood damage is the most common type of damage caused by a storm.  It is important to react quickly to any water damage because it spreads through absorbent building materials to cause widespread structural damage and mold growth.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster of North Texas are ready to provide flood damage restoration for homes and businesses in the Dallas, TX area.

A major storm can happen at any time and if it causes damage to your home or business, make sure you call ServiceMaster of North Texas right away.  Flood damage will only get worse the longer you ignore it and significant storm damage can leave your home in a dangerous or unstable condition.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (972) 840-8888 for emergency storm and flood damage restoration.