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Flood Damage Restoration in Dallas and Garland, TX

Flooded House - Dallas, TXServiceMaster of North Texas

Serving Dallas, TX area since 1978

If you’ve had flood or water damage to your home or office’s carpet or wood or laminate flooring, give us a call as soon as you can – with our emergency hotline, we’re available anytime of the day or night. Our carpet experts will come right out to assess the damage and then get right to work on drying the area with our state of the art equipment.

As a service to our customers, following are the most important things to do while you’re waiting for us to arrive on the scene of the flood damage:

  • If it’s a major flooding spill, turn off your source of electricity. You don’t want to electrocute yourself. We can provide portable generators for our equipment and light for you.
  • If you can, locate the source of the leak and try to shut it off.
  • If the water damage is coming from a contaminated source, such as sewage lines, leave the area immediately to avoid getting sick.
  • Remove as many water-damaged items as you can from the area, determining what can be thrown out and what can be dried and kept.
  • If the water looks to be clear and clean, sop up as much water as you can using non-dyed linens, towels or blankets.Residential Water Damage in Dallas, TX

However, you must avoid the following when cleaning up the water yourself:

  • Do not place any newspaper on wet carpet as the ink will bleed through to the carpet.
  • Do not touch any moldy surfaces.
  • Do not enter any room with severe electrical or structural damage.
  • Do not remove any books from their shelves. Instead, pack them tightly in their place to prevent the pages from warping.
  • Do not use any electrical machinery that has been severely damaged by water.

Our fast, efficient, courteous team will be at your flood damaged site sooner than it will take you to finish going through this list, but it will give you a head start and help you get organized for the clean-up.

We hope you never have to use our service – but if you do, we’re happy to help. Call ServiceMaster of North Texas 24/7 at (972) 840-8888 for emergency flood cleanup services in Garland TX and Dallas area.

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