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Rating: 5-star-moving-rating, Review by Dr. Cynthia P. – Dallas, TX
January, 2017
Water damage restoration – Performed by Richard and Seasar

Dear Greg,
I had received a text from a neighbor that water was pouring out of my property. When I sent a friend in to check out my home I realized that my house was in serious shaped when a piped burst and flooded the first floor. After contacting State Farm Tiffanny from your company called me on Sunday and arranged to have your crew meet me at my home when I flew down from NY. She was so pleasant and helpful. Then I had an opportunity to meet two of your best workers Seasar Rodriguez and Richard Ramirez who donned their hazmat clothes and began the difficult task of ” draining the swamp” in my home which was a toxic soup of water, insulation, and wet carpet and contents. They worked tirelessly all day and late into the night day after day, ripping up walls, carpet and dragging everything out of the home always being very careful. Then I had an opportunity to meet you and your were so helpful arranging everything and everybody to work within my short time frame when I was in town. You arranged for Emily Madden of CRDN to help bring my clothes to a restoration place. Later your operations manager Daniel Lopez arrived and also joined in the breakdown of my walls and carpet to air out the house and prevent mold from gaining a foothold. As I was trying to wrap my head around all of the destruction I was looking at which seemed so daunting your crew could not have been nicer and so helpful. They worked quickly and efficiently and inspite all the chaos I was looking at I realized I was in extremely good hands and how lucky and blessed I was that these wonderful people came to my aid. I have had some floods before but nothing like this and other companies were not as nice or professional. You have an incredible team which works like a well oiled machine. Later you sent in packers Tammy and Marie who boxed up the remaining contents and within hours a pod was delivered to my property. I was telling all of my friends that I know everything is going to be alright because I have your team working with me. Thank you for all of your help and to all of the wonderful workers you sent who helped make a very difficult situation a pleasant one. This is an excellent company and I would be more than happy to refer anyone to you who is in need of a restoration company.
Thank you.

Rating: 5-star-moving-rating, Review by M.C. – Dallas, TX
June, 2016
Water damage restoration – Performed by Richard and Travis

I just had the technicians leave my address in Dallas. I just want to let you know how extremely polite, professional, and nice these two young men were. They are both a real asset to your company.

Rating: 5-star-moving-rating, Review by T.C.
January, 2017
Flood damage restoration

I wanted to take this opportunity to express how pleased I was with your service and your service people. My leaking hot water heater caused a flood in my garage, bedroom and bathroom. The response to my call was quick and your team came prepared to take care of what was needed. They were professional, kind, and very helpful. Each day I would get a call to let me know when they would arrive to check on the moisture level and check their equipment. I appreciated their friendly attitude. Coincidentally, I had a circuit go bad which put several electrical outlets out of service. They tried to help me find the problem before I called an electrician which was very nice of them.

You have a great organization and I truly appreciate the good work and the workers who helped me.

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